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Welcome to Khaos

Khaos is a pioneering CBD / THC brand deeply rooted in authenticity, quality, and compliance. Adhering strictly to Virginia’s rigorous standards, we take pride in offering a curated range of premium THC and CBD products. Dive into the world of Khaos and experience wellness like never before.

About Khaos

At Khaos, we’re passionate about wellness and quality. Our premium THC line is designed to provide a unique and compliant experience for every individual. Our products are crafted with care and are compliant to Virginia’s new CBD and THC laws. Making us one of the first and only true Virginia Compliant THC brand. 

The Khaos Difference

At Khaos, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality CBD products. Our handcrafted CBD line is pure, potent, and designed to promote a sense of peace and well-being.


Handcrafted CBD

Our CBD line is handcrafted with care, ensuring quality, purity, and potency. Every product is a promise of unparalleled quality.


A Mellow High

Our premium quality CBD provide a one-of-a-kind mellow relaxation experience for consumers looking for that the Mellow high.


Compliance Guaranteed

We strictly adhere to Virginia’s rigorous standards, ensuring compliance and quality in every product. We are one of the first VIRGINIA COMPLIANT EDIBLES brand out there with all grown, produced, baked and packed in Virginia


Premium Quality

Our products are designed with quality in mind, ensuring every experience is exceptional.


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